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Who are we ?
The ILTET® research and development team dedicated its medical competencies and know-how to serve a products range of innovative child care feeding products presenting a strong medical value to support a good growing and development of the children.
ILTET® (French company specialized in feeding products) is born from the meeting of two dental surgeons: MD François Favé-Lesage, founder of the company and “occlusodontie” (studying the jaws connection) specialist and MD Etienne Leroy (children dental care thesis).
 The concept
Those two oral-dental health specialist started from the statement of the very high level of children orthodontic treatments.
Breast feeding, which is the best for the baby, is favorable to an harmonious growing and does not cause troubles of the breathing and swallowing functions. Many researches and studies demonstrate that the artificial feeding (at teat) is very often causing growing troubles.
For instance, orthodontic troubles are more than 2 times over for the children breast fed for less than 3 months. Longer is the breast feeding, lower is the risk of “malocclusion”. Use of teats and pacifiers (dummies) drive to a ratio of 32,5% of jaw articulation at the age of 3 years and of 89% for the children between 12 and 17. In 1987, a survey from Labbock and Hendershot, involving more than 9000 children, demonstrated a link between breast feeding and “malocclusion” problems.
Respecting the children growing and physiology, the ILTET products have been elaborated for mothers taking care of the well-being and health of their children. It’s because we are growing only once that the ILTET will is to offer the best to your children.
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ILTET, an eco-responsible company
It is compulsory to be eco-responsible today to welcome our children on this earth tomorrow
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